How to Set Up Nokia 8 and Getting Started

Nokia 8 Buying Guide

How to Set Up Nokia 8 and Getting Started – Unboxing Nokia 8 and learn how to setup, getting started and how to use with our tutorial and usefull tips for your Nokia Android phones.

How to Set Up Nokia 8 and Getting Started

Get started Nokia 8 with the basics to andvance, and have your phone up and running in no time by read these simple guidelines.

Getting Started Nokia 8

Take a look your Nokia 8 keys/buttons you shold know the details and locations:

Front Panel

  1. Front Camera
  2. Loudspeaker
  3. Volume Keys
  4. Power Button
  5. Home Button/Fingerprint Sensor
  6. Charger Connector

Rear PanelsNokia 8 Harware

  1. Audio Connector
  2. Rear Camera
  3. SIM Slot
  4. MicroSD Slot
  5. Ejection Hole
  6. Loudspeaker
  7. Microphone

Please never touch inside the antenna area while the Nokia 8 is in use. Contact with antennas affects the communication quality and may reduce battery life due to higher power level during operation.

Do not connect to products that create an output signal, as this may your Nokia 6 has prolems and damage.

Do not connect any voltage source to the audio connector or headset, other than those approved for use with this device, to the audio connector, pay special attention to volume levels.

Nokia 8 Tutorial

New Nokia 8 exclusive Dual-Sight mode lets you use both front and back cameras simultaneously for split-screen photos and immersive video capture playback experience to match, the Nokia 8 is the first ever phone to feature Nokia OZO spatial 360° audio built in to its core. You can capture moments with tech used by Hollywood filmmakers and music producers, with front and rear cameras are equipped with ZEISS optics, meaning every snapshot moment becomes a story worth sharing of Facebook, Twitter or others.

How to Charge Nokia 8

How to Setup Nokia 8

Plug a compatible charger into a wall outlet, and connect the cable to your phone. Your phone supports the USB micro-B cable. You can also charge your phone from a computer with a USB cable, but it may take a longer time. To maximize performance, Nokia 8 is built upon the cutting-edge Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 835 Mobile Platform, engineered to deliver exceptionally long battery life.

Nokia official added a full-length copper cooling pipe with graphite shield to dissipate system heat across the full body of the phone.

Never leave your Nokia 8 for a long time while charging, if the battery is completely charged, it just take several minutes and watch the charging indicator battery level is displayed full you can disconnect your charger.

How to Turn On Nokia 8?

To switch on Nokia 8, press and hold the power key until the phone vibrates. The Nokia 8 guides you through the setup.

How to Set Up Nokia 8How to Set Up Nokia 8

Let’s get started with your Nokia 8 and make the most out of your phone’s features from the get-go.

When you switch on Nokia 8 for the first time, think better to insert SIM Card on Nokia 8 and your phone will guides you to set up your network connections and Nokia 8 settings.

To set up Nokia 8 you can follow this tutorial and instruction:

  1. Switch on Nokia 6 by press the power button on the side of your phone and choose your language.
  2. Follow the instructions shown on your phone.
  3. After finished the first setup, you can use your phone.

You can learn Nokia user guide for next how to manage Nokia 8 tasks and planning your day to controlling your favourite apps and smart home devices, Google Assistant is ready to help wherever you are and get the most out of your new Nokia phone.

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