How to Setup Nokia 5 Android

How to Setup Nokia AndroidHow to Setup Nokia 5 Android – The new Nokia Android phones Nokia 3, 5, 6, bundle with Android 7 Nougat operating system, which means you don’t get an invasive manufacturer interface over the top, or any annoying bloatware applications pre-installed. When you switch on Nokia 5 for the first time, your phone guides to set up your network connections and phone settings. Learn here to setup your phone with fingetprint security tutorial.

How to Setup Nokia 5 Android

The Nokia 5 comes with three card slots, allowing for two SIM cards and a microSD card at the same time, giving users greater flexibility with 3,000mAh non-removable battery which should keep you going for most of a day.

How to turn on Nokia 5

To switch on your phone, press and hold the power key until the phone vibrates.

When the phone is switched on, choose your language and region.
Follow the Nokia 5 instructions shown on your phone.

Setup Nokia 5Nokia 5 First Time Setttings

Make the most out of your Nokia Android  features from the Nokia 5 First Time Setttings.
When you switch your phone on for the first time, your phone guides you to set up Nokia5 network connections and phone settings.
1. Switch your phone on and choose your language.
2. Follow the instructions shown on your phone.

Configure settings for some features provided by Google.
On the Settings screen, tap Google.

Google apps
Google provides entertainment, social network, and business apps. You may require a Google account to access some apps.

To view more app information, access each app’s help menu.
Some apps may not be available or may be labelled differently depending on the region or service provider.

Search for information and browse webpages.

Send or receive emails via the Google Mail service.

Find your location on the map, search the world map, and view location information for various places around you.

Play Music
Discover, listen to, and share music on your device. You can upload music collections stored on your device to the cloud and access them later.

Play Movies & TV
Purchase or rent videos, such as movies and TV programmes, from Play Store.

Store your content on the cloud, access it from anywhere, and share it with others.

Watch or create videos and share them with others.

Search for, manage, and edit all your photos and videos from various sources in one place.

Search quickly for items on the Internet or your device.

Make a simple video call.

Transfer data from your previous phone

You can transfer data from a previous device to your device via your Google account.

Nokia 5 Back up and Restore

To back up data on your old phone to Google account, refer to your old phone’s user guide.

  • Tap Settings > Accounts > Google.

Select which data you want to be restored on your phone. The sync will start automatically once your phone is connected to the internet.

Nokia 5 Restore

Restore app settings from your previous Android phone If your previous device was an Android, and back up to Google account is enabled on it, you can restore app settings and Wi-Fi passwords.

User Guide Nokia 5 to restore data

  1. Swipe On Nokia 5
  2. Tap Settings > Backup & reset.
  3. Switch Automatic restore to On.

Nokia 5 Fingerprint Setup

You can unlock your phone with just a touch of your finger. Set up Nokia 5 fingerprint ID for extra security , here the tutorial:

Add a fingerprint

Nokia 5 FingerprintTap Settings > Security > Fingerprint. If you don’t have screen lock set up on your phone, tap SET UP SCREEN LOCK.

Select what backup unlocking method you want to use for the lock screen and follow the instructions shown on your phone.

Lock Nokia 5 phone

If you want to avoid accidentally making a call when your phone is in your pocket or bag, you can lock your keys and screen.

To lock your keys and screen, press the power key.

Unlock Nokia 5

Press the power key, and swipe up across the screen. If asked, provide additional credentials.

Use the touch screen

Avoid contacting the touchscreen with other electrical devices, using excessive pressure, or tapping it with sharp objects.

It’s best to use your fingers or dedicated accessories – never use an actual pen, pencil, or other sharp object on the touch screen.

Leaving the touchscreen on for a long time may result in afterimages (screen burn-in). Lock your screen when you’re not using the phone to avoid that.

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