Nokia 6 Beginners Guide

Nokia 6 Beginners Guide – Here the Nokia 6 setup guide for beginner’s continue to master all settings for the best performance Nokia Android phone. Read Nokia 6 manual pdf user guide and setup guide also Nokia 6 tutorial, setup Nokia 6 beginner’s guide printable Nokia 6  manual pdf tips tricks.Nokia 6 Guide

Nokia 6 Beginners Guide

With the new Nokia 6 Android setup application, you can do the following, for example:

  1. Define the regional settings, such as the language of the Nokia6.
  2. Transfer data from your old device to new Nokia Android.
  3. Personalise your device.
  4. Set up your mail accounts.
  5. Activate Ovi services.

    When you switch on Nokia 6 for the first time, the Phone setup application opens.

    To open the application read the Nokia 6 Manual instruction:

  • Select Menu > Applications > Phone setup.

Never lost your contact by using Nokia 6. You can copy important information from your previous compatible Nokia 6 device and start using your new device quickly. The simple Nokia user guide just use the Nokia 6 switch application to copy, for example, contacts, calendar entries, and pictures to your new device, free of charge. If your previous device does not have the Phone switch application, your new device sends it in a message using Bluetooth. Carefully follow the steps of Nokia 6 user guide to copy contact and information:

  1. Turn on our Bluetooth on previous device and Nokia 6 Bluetooth.
  2. Select Menu > Applications > Phone setup and Data transfer.

To install the Nokia switch application, open the message in your previous device, and follow the Nokia 6 instructions:

  1. Select the device you want to connect to, and pair the devices. Bluetooth needs to be activated.
  2. If the other device requires a passcode, enter the passcode.
    The passcode, which you can define yourself, must be entered in both devices. The passcode in some devices is fixed. For details, see the user guide of the device. The passcode is valid only for the current connection.
  3. Select the content and OK.

Nokia 6 SettingsNokia 6 Guide

Some settings may be preset for the device by your service provider, and you may not be able to change them. Nokia 6 settings guide

Date and time settings

Select Menu > Settings and Phone > Date and time.
Select from the following:

  1. Date – Enter the current date.
  2. Date format – Select the date format.
  3. Date separator – Select the symbol that separates days, months, and years.
  4. Time – Enter the current time.
  5. Time zone – Select your location.
  6. Time format – Select the time format.
  7. Time separator – Select the symbol that separates hours and minutes.
  8. Clock type – Select the clock type.
  9. Clock alarm tone – Select the tone for the alarm clock.
  10. Alarm snooze time – Adjust the snooze time.
  11. Workdays – Select your working days. You can then set an alarm only for working day mornings, for example.
  12. Automatic time update – Set the Nokia 6 to update the time, date, and time zone automatically. This network service may not be available on all networks.

Language Settings

You can change the device language and the language in which you write your messages and mails. You can also activate predictive text input.

Select Menu > Settings and Phone > Language, than choose the advance settings:

  1. Change the device language
  2. Change the writing language
  3. Activate predictive text input

Nokia 6 Display settings

  • Select Menu > Settings and Phone > Display.

Select from the following Nokia 6 settings:

Light sensor – Adjust the light sensor sensitivity of your device. The light sensor turns the lights on when the lighting of your location is dim and off when it is bright.

Font size – Select the size of text and icons on the display.

Welcome note / logo – Select whether you want to display a note or image when you switch on the device.

Light time-out – Set how long the light stays on when you stop using the device.

Voice Commands Settings

Activate Nokia 6 voice commands

Press and hold the call key in the home screen, and say a command.

The voice command is the name of the application or profile displayed in the list.

To view the list of voice commands, select

  • Menu > Settings and Phone > Voice commands.

Select Options and from the following:

  1. Change command – Edit the voice commands.
  2. Playback – Listen to the synthesised voice tag.
  3. Remove voice command – Remove a voice command that you added manually.
  4. Settings – Adjust Nokia 6 All settings.
  5. Voice command tutorial – Open the tutorial for voice commands.


Accessory settings

Add the new Nokia 6 accessories and connect to Nokia 6 by read this manual:

  • Select Menu > Settings and Phone > Accessories.

Some accessory connectors indicate which type of accessory is connected to the device.

Select an accessory and from the following:

  1. Nokia 6 Default profile – Set the profile you want activated each time you connect a certain compatible accessory to your device.
  2. Automatic answer – Set the device to answer an incoming call automatically after 5 seconds. If the ringing type is set to Beep once or Silent, automatic answer is disabled.
  3. Lights -Set the lights to remain on after the time-out.
  4. The available settings depend on the type of accessory.

Nokia 6 TV Settings

Connect Nokia 6 to TV, and  to change the Nokia 6 settings for a TV-out connection, select TV-Out and from the following:

  1. Default profile – Set the profile you want activated each time you connect a Nokia Video Connectivity Cable to your device.
  2. TV screen size – Select the aspect ratio of the TV.
  3. TV system – Select the analogue video signal system compatible with your TV.
  4. Flicker filter – To improve image quality on the screen of your TV, select On. The flicker filter may not diminish image flicker on all TV screens.


Nokia 6 Application settings

  • Select Menu > Settings and Phone > Application sett.

In application settings, you can edit the settings of some of the applications in your device.

Nokia 6 Edit Phone Settings

  • To edit the settings, you can also select Options > Settings in each application.

    Nokia 6 Update

With Nokia 6 updates, you can connect to a server and receive update configuration Nokia 6 settings, create new server profiles, view existing software version and device information, or view and manage existing server profiles. Nokia 6 Update tutorial:

  • Select Menu > Settings and Phone > Phone mgmt. > Device updates.

If software updates over the air are supported by your network, you may also be able to request updates through the device. You may receive server profiles and different configuration settings from your service providers and company information management department. These configuration settings may include connection and other settings used by different applications in your device.

Nokia 6 Dual SIM Settings

Nokia 6 Dual SIM SettingsNokia 6 Dual SIM Settings – Nokia 6 Android smartphone, great performance, a bright full-HD display and sleek design with a 5.50-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1080 pixels by 1920 pixels, 3000 MAh Battery. Learn how to insert SIM/memory Card, manage Nokia 6 dual SIM settings. You can choose the best Nokia 6 settings with our guide and tutorials.

Nokia 6 Dual SIM Settings

Nokia 6 SIM slot location on the side of your phone and for dual SIM models, you can insert two SIM or USIM cards so you can have two phone numbers or service providers for a single device. In some areas, data transfer speeds may be slower if two SIM cards are inserted in the device than when one SIM card is inserted.

Check the product box for the following items:

  1. Nokia 6 Device
  2. USB cable
  3. Earphone
  4. Ejection pin
  5. USB power adaptor
  6. Nokia 6 Quick start guide

Learn how to insert Nokia 6 SIM and memory cards.Nokia 6 SIM Locations

  1. Open the SIM and Nokia 6 memory card tray by putting the provided tray opener into the hole next to the tray.
  2. Put the nano-SIM into the slot 1 with the contact area face down. If you have a second SIM, put it into the slot 2, or, if you have a memory card, put the card into the memory card slot located in the SIM slot 2.
  3. Slide the SIM and memory card tray back into the slot.
    SIM slot 1 supports CDMA SIM cards. Use only original nano-SIM cards. Use of incompatible SIM cards may damage the card or the device, and may corrupt data stored on the card.

Nokia 6 User Guide

Remove the SIM card

  1. Open the Nokia 6 SIM and memory card tray,
  2. Remove the SIM,
  3. Slide the SIM and memory card tray back into the slot.

Remove the memory card

  1. Open the SIM and Nokia 6 memory card tray,
  2. Remove the SIM, and
  3. Slide the SIM and memory card tray back into the slot.

Nokia 6 First Time Setup

Plug a compatible charger into a wall outlet, and connect the cable to your phone. Your Nokia 6 supports the USB micro-B cable. You can also charge your phone from a computer with a USB cable, but it may take a longer time.

If the Nokia 6 battery is completely discharged, it may take several minutes before the charging indicator is displayed.

To switch your phone on, press and hold the power key until the phone vibrates. The phone guides you through the setup.

Make the most out of your phone’s features from the get-go.
When you switch on Nokia 6 for the first time, your phone guides you to set up your network connections and phone settings.

  1. Switch your phone on and choose your language.
  2. Follow the instructions shown on your phone.

Nokia 6 Dual SIM settings
You can have 2 SIMs in your phone, for example, one for your work and one for your personal use.

Dual SIM features
When you got Nokia 6 settings for dual SIM, for example, making a call, you can choose which SIM to use by tapping the corresponding SIM 1 or SIM 2 button. Your phone shows the network status for both SIMs separately. Nokia 6 Dual SIM Settings

Both SIM cards are available at the same time when the device is not being used, but while one SIM card is active, for example, making a call, the other may be unavailable.

Manage Nokia 6 SIM Card
Don’t want work to interfere with your free time? Or do you have a cheaper data connection on one SIM? You can decide which SIM you want to use. Here how to manage Nokia 6 dual SIM settings

  1. Tap Settings > Wireless & networks > SIM management.
  2. To change the SIM settings, tap SIM 1 settings or SIM 2 settings.

Rename a SIM card
Tap a SIM you want to rename, and type in the name you want.
Select which SIM to use for calls, data connection, or messages
Under Preferred SIM for, tap the setting you want to change and select the SIM.

Nokia 6 How to Download Nokia Podcasts

Nokia 6 MusicsNokia 6 How to Download Nokia Podcasts – With the Nokia Podcasting application (network service) on the New Nokia 6 Podcasts you can search, discover, subscribe to, and download podcasts over the air, and play, manage, and share audio and video podcasts with your device.

Nokia 6 How to Download Nokia Podcasts

Nokia 6 Android 7.0/Android Nougat, powered by 1.1GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 processor processor with 3GB of RAM. The Nokia 6 is the biggest of all three of New Nokia 2017 (Nokia 6, Nokia 5 and Nokia 3310). The Nokia 6 Black special edition built on highest quality.

You can get an experience that’s focused and clutter-free, and will get regular updates,so you’ll always stay on top of Nokia Guide and features.

Nokia 6 Guide

With Nokia 6’s dual speakers and dedicated smart amplifier, you get loud sound, deep bass and great clarity comes with certified Dolby Atmos® sound. Immersive sound Nokia6 with Dolby Atmos and dual speakers for the greatest playing Musics on Nokia 6.  After you have subscribed to a podcast, you can download, play, and manage the podcast episodes. Nokia 6 guide/manual instructions:Nokia 6 settings
Select Menu > Music > Podcasting.

  • View a list of subscribed podcasts
  • Select Podcasts. View individual episode titles
  • Select the podcast title. An episode is a particular media file of a podcast.
  • Start a download Select the episode title.

You can download multiple episodes at the same time. Start playing a podcast before the download is complete here the Nokia 6 manual/instructions:

Go to a podcast, and select Options > Play preview.
Successfully downloaded podcasts are stored in the Podcasts folder, but may not be displayed immediately.

Nokia 6 Settings

Podcasting Settings Nokia 6
Select Menu > Music > Podcasting.
To start using Podcasting, define your connection and download settings.

Nokia 6 Connection settings
Select Options > Settings > Connection and from the following:
Default access point — Select the access point to use to connect to the internet.Nokia 6 Tutorial
Search service URL — Define the podcast search service web address, to use to search for podcasts.

Download settings
Select Options > Settings > Download and from the following:
Save to — Define where to save podcasts. For optimal use of storage space, mass memory is recommended.
Update interval — Define how often podcasts are updated.
Next update time — Define the time of the next automatic update.
Automatic updates only occur if a specific default access point is selected and the Podcasting application is open.
Download limit (%) — Define the percentage of memory that is reserved for podcast downloads.
If limit exceeds — Define what to do if the download limit is exceeded.
Setting the application to retrieve podcasts automatically may involve the
transmission of large amounts of data through your service provider’s network.

Nokia Centralized RAN solution at a glance:

  1. Centralized RAN can double the uplink capacity in existing LTE networks and achieves up to ten times faster uploads at the cell edge.
  2. Nokia Centralized RAN builds on 3GPP standardization, bringing performance improvements while being compatible with existing LTE devices.
  3. Operators can build denser LTE networks and reduce subscriber churn by delivering higher capacity and more robust services even during high traffic events.

Nokia improve its network capacity, meaning customers could upload more videos, photos and messages, a key factor in creating a memorable. For information on data transmission charges, contact your service provider.

Nokia Ozo comes expertly created and purpose-built, Nokia OZO is the first ever professional Virtual Reality camera for content creators, it’s amazung colaborate with musics Buy Nokia OZO Virtual Reality camera online. Its Presence Capture technology increases both the quality and efficiency of your VR production crafted by Nokia Technologies. Haivision’s encoder paired with OZO Camera and Live have already powered successful 360° live streams with the Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Country Music Awards. Haivision’s KB 4K encoders helps deliver the highest H.264/HEVC 4k streaming quality available, giving your audiences reliable, high-quality live 360 and VR experiences.

Nokia OZO Live is a real-time 3d 360 stitching software that delivers live virtual reality broadcasting at scale and integrates with standard 4K (UHD) broadcast equipment and workflow. OZO combines the ultimate in engineering capabilities and intelligent design to offer you the best Virtual Reality production.

Nokia OZO Player
The Nokia OZO Player SDK features a single, unified development interface that you can use to distribute VR content to the broadest footprint of devices and ensure a unified playback experience for Oculus Mobile/GearVR, SteamVR, Google VR for Android and iOS and more. OZO Player SDK APIs are designed to give you full control of the playback experience. Superior audio and video quality with customizable video outputs deliver up to 4K per eye resolution, 60fps, and both stereoscopic and monoscopic options. Jumpstart your development with full-featured reference applications for all supported platforms. We also provide playback support for standard VR video and audio formats and deliver VR content inside Unity with our Unity game engine plug-in.Nokia OZO guide

New Nokia Musics Superior Audio Experience
Nokia OZO audio advanced psychoacoustic technology allows sound to be captured and played back just like it would in real life, transporting you and amplifying your experiences in every direction. Audio Focus mode lets you accentuate the right sounds you need while reducing ambient sounds or background noise. Nokia OZO Built with modern industrial design in mind and requiring only two microphones, OZO Audio is adaptable to virtually any form factor. Whether it’s a smartphone or a camera, OZO Audio is the ideal solution for manufacturers looking to entice new customers with world-class immersive 3D audio.

Nokia OZO Audio Features

  1. Full 3D audio capture with 4 or more microphones
  2. Spatial 360 audio capture with 3 or more microphones
  3. Spatial audio capture with only 2 microphones
  4. Audio focus technology enables accentuating sounds in one direction while reducing ambient sounds and background noise
  5. 3D audio experience optimized for headphones and spatial audio playback systems
  6. Highly efficient 3D audio distribution format
  7. Low latency 3D audio playback for VR devices supporting head tracking
  8. High quality stereo playback for devices without OZO Audio playback support
  9. Support Leverages widely supported AAC codec technology
  10. Future proof & compatible with leading VR experiences
  11. Manufacturers are supported in technology evaluation and integration by OZO Audio team with more than 20 years of experience with mass-produced spatial audio products

Nokia 6 Restore default settings

If you had Nokia 6 problems, the last option to reset Nokia 6 and restore to default settings by read the instruction below:

Select Options > Settings > Options > Restore default.

You may want to reset Nokia 6 some of the settings to their original values. All active calls and connections must be ended. Reset Nokia 6 User Guide:

  • Select Menu > Settings and Phone > Phone mgmt. > Factory settings.

To restore the Nokia 6 settings, you need to enter the lock code.
After resetting, the device may take a longer time to switch on and restore original settings, documents and files are unaffected.

Nokia 6 User Guide With Tutorial and Manual

Nokia 6 User Guide With Tutorial and Manual – Read Nokia 6 user guide and download Nokia 6 manual pdf to setup your Nokia 6 with tutorial tips and tricks.

Nokia 6 Manual
Nokia 6 User Guide

Nokia 6 User Guide With Tutorial and Manual

Nokia 6 Android smartphone. Announced 2017, January. Features 3G, 5.5″ 1080×1920 display IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, powered by 1.1GHz octa-core processor alongside 3GB of RAM , 16 MP camera, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, and the Battery capacity ‎3000 mAh. Read our Nokia 6 Review Download Nokia 6 Manual PDF. Nokia 6 User Guide and learn with our Nokia 6 Tutorial here.

Nokia 6 Review

Nokia 6 comes with Android 7.0/Android Nougat, powered by 1.1GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 processor processor
with 3GB of RAM. This phone full spread of Google Services and no unnecessary extras. You can get an experience that’s focused and clutter-free, and will get regular updates,so you’ll always stay on top of Nokia features and security.

Nokia 6 camera

The Nokia 6 is the biggest of all three of New Nokia 2017-The facing camera (8-megapixel) is getting upgraded with a wide-angle lens and auto-focus, and the regular camera remains the same as the Nokia variant 16-megapixel with dual tone flash.

New Nokia 6 camera briefly during my time with this Nokia Android Noughat, and auto-focus seemed fast enough, and picture quality was what you’d expect from a mid-range phone like this.

This probably isn’t going to take amazing photos like you’d expect from a premium smartphone, but it seemed capable enough.
If you’re planning to take a lot of photos, you’ll also be able to expand storage thanks to a microSD slot.

Nokia 6 Body

The Nokia 6 is manufactured from a block of aluminum with diamond cut edges. In the hand it gives it a very industrial metallic feel, with sharp edges that meet the matte aluminum body. Viewing angles of the display are good, and the 5.5-inch size feels just about right.

Nokia 6 Audio

The Nokia 6’s multimedia functionality, quoting dual amplifiers that deliver a 6dB louder sound than a regular amp, giving higher voice, deeper bass and unmatched clarity, and Dolby Atmos that creates powerful, moving audio that seems to flow all around users and become a popular choice for smartphone buyers.Nokia 6 Guide

Nokia 6 Color

The main difference is gloss and price, as the matte black, silver, blue, or copper versions of the Nokia 6 Color.

Nokia 6 Price

Nokia 6 Price at 229 euros ($242), and the glossy black will debut at 299 euros ($315). Both variants Nokia 6 price will be available worldwide starting in $240, £195 or AU$315. The Nokia 6 Arte Black Limited Edition will sell for $315, £250 or AU$410.

Nokia 6 Specs

Nokia 6Specifications
ColorsArte Black (limited edition), Matte Black, Tempered Blue, Silver, Copper
Size154 x 75.8 x 7.85 mm (8.4 with camera bump)
Network and connectivity
Network speed LTE Cat. 4, 150Mbps DL/50Mbps UL
Networks GSM: 850/900/1800/1900; WCDMA: Band 1, 2, 5, 8; LTE: Band 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 20, 28, 38, 40
Operating systemAndroid™ 7.1.1 Nougat
RAMArte Black, 4 GB; all other colors, 3 GB
CPUQualcomm® Snapdragon™ 430 mobile platform
Internal memory Arte Black, 64 GB2; all other colors, 32 GB2
MicroSD card slot Support for up to 128 GB
Services Google Drive
Connector 3.5 mm headphone jack
Speakers Dual speakers
Amplifier Smart amplifier (TFA9891) with Dolby Atmos®
Size and type 5.5” IPS LCD
Resolution Full-HD (1920 x 1080, 16:9)
Material Sculpted Corning® Gorilla® Glass display
Pixel density 403 ppi
Brightness 450 nits, laminated
Features Sunlight readability
Primary camera 16MP PDAF, 1.0um, f/2, dual tone flash
Front-facing camera 8MP AF, 1.12um, f/2, FOV 84 degrees
Connectivity and sensors
Connectivity Micro USB (USB 2.0), USB OTG, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1
Sensors Accelerometer (G-sensor), ambient light sensor, e-compass, Hall sensor, fingerprint sensor, gyroscope, proximity sensor, NFC (sharing)
Battery life
Battery type Integrated 3000 mAh battery

Nokia 6 Manual/User Guide

This Nokia 6 manual guide includes first set up, how to add Nokia accunt and any additional accounts like Google or Microsoft, learn Nokia security updates, make fast Android platform updates and the implementation of the Google Assistant, how to manage the new Nokia Phones, how to use headphones, How to charge and listen to music and more. By reading the Nokia 6 user guide, you will be able to maximize the functionality and usability of your mobile devices.

Nokia 6 Tutorial

For first time users, after you do unboxing Nokia 6, you will need to set it up Nokia 6 Manualthe phone. You might need to read the Nokia 6 tutorial to setup with our guide to get the most out of your new handset. Learn how to use new Nokia6 and you’ll use most often, Nokia 6 Tutorial and make the most of this mobile operating system that help you for the best settings.

Nokia 6 Tips and Tricks

Get useful Nokia 6 tips and tricks that may improve your experience while using your Nokia Android phone. Set up Nokia 6 manual or automatic phone unlock when you’re at home. Find your phone after it’s been lost or stolen. Restrict calls and texts to only very important people. Give friends access to your home’s Wi-Fi without dealing with passwords. Identify which apps are slowing your phone down. Create Nokia 6 secure folder / hiden folder improve security. Nokia 6 User Guide With Tutorial and downolad Nokia 6 Manual PDF here.