How to Set Up Nokia 8 and Getting Started


How to Set Up Nokia 8 and Getting Started – It is the time to setup your Nokia 8. You will get the best settings based on your country language, or you can change anytime. We help you and learn together to install SIMcard, settings fingerprint, how to unlock, how to use this phone and more in nokiauserguides. Follow step by step ensure you setup it right.

How to Set Up Nokia 8 and Getting Started

Nokia 8 SecurityAfter you see the details of Nokia 8, and check for the first time based turn your device off and install SIM by follow the tutorial below:

How Insert SIM and Memory on Nokia 8

Inside of your box, take the SIM ejection tool from manufacture to keep safe your device.

Now Open the SIM tray and memory card tray by put into the SIM hole and push it until out. (Detail locations see Nokia 8 user guide)

The SIM try support dual SIMcards, you can put the nanoSIM into the slot 1, the contact area, gold face down. If you have a dual SIM variant and a second SIM. See figgured below

Nokia 8 Dual SIIM

Slide the Nokia SIM slot back.

The dual SIM variant use only one SIM tray, use SIM and memory or use two nano SIM. (but picture from another web available in two SIM try, SIM and memory try 1, and SIM2 on try 2)

Now turn on Nokia8 by press and hold the power button side of your phone until vibrate and the screen on.

How to remove SIM and memory on Nokia 8?

You can remove by read the fololwing tips:

The first time take a SIM remover tool or ejection try, We not suggest using a paper clips but if some time it can help you.

Put and push the ejection until the card trays out, remove the cards, and slide trays back into their slots.

Better to turn off your phone while removing memory card, because it can be damage or corrupt.

Using a cheap memory some time made yout phone get stuck, hang or error.

Nokia 8 Settings

You can personlise dual SIM variant, or use the automatic set up on your cell phone.

You can do an own settings when use 2 SIMs in your phone, here’s how:

Swipe to unlock, and tap (gear) Settings > SIM Cards.

You can set the SIM name by tap a SIM and rename.

Now you have the two option 1 SIM to use for calls or SIM 2 for data connection. You can manage SIM by tap the setting options if you need to change.

Fingerprint Settings

Manuallty to set up Nokia 8 fingerprint ID for extra security.

How to setup fingerprint ID?

You can setting by go head to Settings > Security > Fingerprint and follow the instructions shown on your phone.

Nokia 8 Fingerprint

Adavaced Lock Screen

Set up your smartphone, tap Settings >Screen Lock.

How to Lock Nokia 8?

If you want to lock your device when your phone is in your pocket or bag. Our tips just press the power key to lock your phone.

How to Unlock Nokia 8?

You can unlock by press the power button, and swipe up, another way you can unlock your phone with just a touch of your finger.